[Pacemaker] RFC: What part of the XML configuration do you hate the most?

Satomi Taniguchi taniguchis at intellilink.co.jp
Mon Aug 4 02:11:00 EDT 2008

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your opitions!
But I'm afraid that you've misunderstood my intentions...

Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> Two problems...
> The first is that standby happens after the fencing event, so it's not 
> really doing anything to migrate the healthy resources.

In the graph, the object "stonith-1 stop 0 rh5node1" just means
"a plugin named stonith-1 on rh5node1 stops",
not "fencing event occurs".

For example, Node1 has two resource groups.
When a resource in one group is failed,
all resources in both groups stopped completely,
and stonith plugin on Node1 stopped.
After this, both resource group work on Node2.
I attacched a graph, cib.xml
and crm_mon's logs (before and after a resource broke down).
Please see them.

>  Stop RscZ -(depends on)-> Stop RscY  -(depends on)-> Stonith NodeX  
> -(depends on)-> Stop RscZ  -(depends on)-> ...
I just want to stop all resources without STONITH when monitor NG,
I don't want to change any actions when stop NG.
The setting on_fail="standby" is for start or monitor operation, and
it is on condition that the setting of stop operation's on_fail is "fence".
Then, STONITH is not executed when start or monitor is failed,
but it is executed when stop is failed.

So, if RscY's monitor operation is failed,
its stop operation doesn't depend on "Sonith NodeX".
And if it is failed to stop RscY,
NodeX is turned off by STONITH, and the loop above does not occur.

Best Regards,
Satomi Taniguchi

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