[Pacemaker] Update pygui to support pacemaker

Xinwei Hu hxinwei at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 06:12:02 EDT 2008

Hi all,

  We are about to update mgmtd to support pacemaker, here are some
issues we want to clarify.

1. mgmtd used to get a list of all nodes from hb. This is about to be
changed. But should we get it from crm ? Or from ais ? The later one's
better at first glance.

2. mgmtd use to get a list of hb parameters:
      apiauth, auto_failback, baud, debug, debugfile, deadping,
deadtime, hbversion, hopfudge,
      initdead, keepalive, logfacility, logfile, msgfmt,
nice_failback, node, normalpoll,
      stonith, udpport, warntime, watchdog, cluster
   I suppose all of these are not exist in pacemaker anymore. Will be
safe to remove them all ?

3. Type of node. For hb, there are normal node and ping node. What
about pacemaker ?


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