[ClusterLabs Developers] sbd v1.5.2

Klaus Wenninger kwenning at redhat.com
Mon Jan 9 09:47:17 EST 2023

Hi sbd - developers & users!

Thanks to everybody for contributing to tests and
further development.

Only functional change is the first topic in the list below.
And even that is 'just' refusing startup in a case where
the config anyway wouldn't have led to a successful cluster

Improved logs/build/test should make things more convenient
and less error prone.

Changes since 1.5.1

- fail startup if pacemaker integration is disabled while
  SBD_SYNC_RESOURCE_STARTUP is conflicting (+ hint to overcome)
- improve logs
  - when logging state of SBD_PACEMAKER tell it is just that as
    this might still be overridden via cmdline options
  - log a warning if SBD_PACEMAKER is overridden by -P or -PP option
  - do not warn about startup syncing with pacemaker integration disabled
  - when watchdog-device is busy give a hint on who is hogging it
- improve build environment
  - have --with-runstatedir overrule --runstatedir
  - use new package name for pacemaker devel on opensuse
  - make config location configurable for man-page-creation
  - reverse alloc/de-alloc order to make gcc-12 static analysis happy
- improve test environment
  - have image-files in /dev/shm to assure they are in memory and
    sbd opening the files with O_SYNC doesn't trigger unnecessary
    syncs on a heavily loaded test-machine
    fallback to /tmp if /dev/shm doesn't exist
  - wrapping away libaio and usage of device-mapper for block-device
    simulation can now be passed into make via
  - have variables that configure test-environment be printed
    out prior to running tests
  - finally assure we clean environment when interrupted by a
    signal (bash should have done it with just setting EXIT handler -
    but avoiding bashism might come handy one day)

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