[ClusterLabs Developers] kronosnet v1.23 released

Fabio M. Di Nitto fabbione at fabbione.net
Mon Nov 15 07:51:13 EST 2021


We are pleased to announce the general availability of kronosnet v1.23.

This version contains MAJOR bug fixes and everybody is strongly 
encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

The defrag buffer fixes introduced in v1.22, revealed a long standing 
bug in corosync, 2 serious bugs in knet that have been lurking around 
for approx 11 years, and one bug in libqb (spotted during testing of the 
fixes in this release). Please make sure to upgrade all of them as soon 
as possible. Corosync and libqb releases are happening (or have already 
happened) as this announcement is being sent out.

All our development team would like to thank the Proxmox VE maintainer, 
Fabian Gruenbichler, for the extremely detailed bug reports, reproducers 
and collecting all the data from the affected Proxmox VE users, and his 
dedication over the past month to debug, test and work with us.

kronosnet (or knet for short) is the new underlying network protocol for 
Linux HA components (corosync), that features the ability to use 
multiple links between nodes, active/active and active/passive link 
failover policies, automatic link recovery, FIPS compliant encryption 
(nss and/or openssl), automatic PMTUd and in general better performance 
compared to the old network protocol.

Highlights in this release:

* [URGENT] Fix packet sequence number initialization race
* [URGENT] Fix UDP link down detection when other nodes restart too fast
* [minor] Fix nss buffer boundaries
* [minor] improved error logs to make it easier to debug improper setups
* [minor] improved logging to not drop log messages on socket overload
* Fix build with musl/glibc on archlinux
* Enhance security build using annocheck / annobin
* Minor bug fixes and enhancements in the test suite

Known issues in this release:

* The long standing SCTP problem with dynamic links (spotted while
   preparing v1.21) has not been addressed yet. The problem does NOT
   affect the corosync / High Availability use case.

The source tarballs can be downloaded here:


Upstream resources and contacts:

https://trello.com/kronosnet (TODO list and activities tracking)
https://goo.gl/9ZvkLS (google shared drive with presentations and diagrams)
IRC: #kronosnet on Libera

The knet developer team

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