[ClusterLabs Developers] No ruinings in 2020! (Was: I will ruin your Christmas holidays Developers!)

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Thu Jan 2 06:47:33 EST 2020

On 21/12/19 01:29 -0500, Digimer wrote:
> I'm not sure how this got through the queue... Sorry for the noise.

in fact, it did not from what I can see, meaning that you (and perhaps
other shadow moderators) do a stellar job, despite this not happening
in a direct sight -- or in other words, practically non-existent spam
is a proof how high the bar is (you can attest by scanning the long
abandoned lists and comparing[*]).

Thanks for that, and to the broader community, my wishes for the best
in the new year (whether it has just arrived in your calendar, is about
to happen soon for you, or at any other occasion that will eventually
come, alike).

To summarize, the most generic, high-level agenda regarding (Julian)
year 2020 likely is:

- cluster summit:

- official EOL for Python 2:

Amendable, indeed, just respond on-list.

> digimer
> On 2019-12-19 1:19 p.m., TorPedoHunt3r wrote:
> <snip>

[*] These lists are, AFAICT, abandonded, please don't revive, treat
    just as a visitor in the reservation; visiting the links _not_
    recommended, only at your own risk:

P.S. Sorry for piggy-backing here :-)

Jan (Poki)
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