[ClusterLabs Developers] New LVM resource agent name (currently LVM-activate)

Kristoffer Grönlund kgronlund at suse.com
Thu Nov 23 04:31:42 EST 2017

Oyvind Albrigtsen <oalbrigt at redhat.com> writes:

>>I am getting the feeling that the best thing to do would be to combine
>>the two agents. It sounds like the main thing added by LVM-activate is
>>the two new modes, which could be added to the existing agent?
>>Especially now that the activation modes are more or less plugins to the
>>old agent.
> I was hoping to not do an upstream release where it gets added and
> then renamed/removed later on.

Yeah, we'd definitely need to do that before release..

>>LVM vs. LVM2 is confusing enough on its own, if there's an actual lvm2
>>project that just makes it even worse... IPaddr and IPaddr2 is a
>>situation we don't want to repeat. :/
> Maybe lvm-ng might be a good name, to signify that it's got additional
> features compared to the other LVM RA.

That's a card you only get to play once, though. But yeah, that could be
an option. It also clarifies that the agent is an alternative to LVM and
not something to be used together with it.


>>Even if it means some extra work, I suspect it will be worth it in the
>>end to combine them.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Eric
>>// Kristoffer Grönlund
>>// kgronlund at suse.com

// Kristoffer Grönlund
// kgronlund at suse.com

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