[ClusterLabs Developers] New LVM resource agent name (currently LVM-activate)

Chris Feist cfeist at redhat.com
Wed Nov 22 15:34:31 EST 2017


I've talked with Oyvind and Dave about the potential for changing the new
lvm resource agent's name to something that might be a little more user
friendly before we release it upstream.

Currently the name is lvm-activate, which while descriptive, may not be
obvious to an end user how it is different/better than the current lvm

We've come up with a few ideas although none of them are perfect.  Here's
some of the options that I've heard:

Good - It's obvious it's a newer/better version of the lvm agent.
Bad - It may be associated with the lvm2 commands which we are working on
phasing out.

lvmvg or lvmlv or lvm_vg/lvm_lv
Good - The agent actually manages vgs/lvs so lvmlv/lvmvg/etc. may be more
Bad - This still may be confusing to users as to why they would use that
instead of the normal lvm agent

Does anyone else have any other ideas for names or preferences? (Or reasons
to keep the current LVM-activate name?).

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