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Marek Grac mgrac at redhat.com
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On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 11:12 PM, Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca> wrote:

> Hi all,
>   The old FenceAgentAPI document on fedorahosted is gone now that fedora
> hosted is closed. So I created a copy on the clusterlabs wiki:
> http://wiki.clusterlabs.org/wiki/FenceAgentAPI
>   It desperately needs an update. Specifically, it needs '-o metadata'
> properly explained. I am happy to update this document and change the
> cman/cluster.conf example over to a pacemaker example, etc, but I do not
> feel like I am authoritative on the XML validation side of things.

<parameter name="login" unique="0" required="1">
        <getopt mixed="-l, --username=[name]" />
        <content type="string" default="myloginname" />
        <shortdesc lang="en">Login name</shortdesc>

required=1 is used only with login, ip address and plug number. Other
options are required too but their constraints are more complex: e.g.
passwd OR passwd_script is required.

unique=0 is set for every option, so it does not have to be documented.

content type=(string|integer|boolean|second|select)

<content type="select">
  <option value="First option" />
  <option value="Second one" />

Currently, 'second' is same as the 'integer'.

>   Can someone give me, even just point-form notes, how to explain this?
> If so, I'll create 'FenceAgentAPI - Working' document and I will have
> anyone interested comment before making it an official update.

I will add also 'list-status' that prints list of available plugs together
with their status.

Best Practise) take existing fence agent and modify it, there is no reason
(except python-intollerance) to not use fencing library

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