[ClusterLabs] Beginner lost with promotable "group" design

Adam Cécile acecile at le-vert.net
Wed Jan 17 08:23:56 EST 2024


I'm trying to achieve the following setup with 3 hosts:

* One master gets a shared IP, then remove default gw, add another gw, 
start a service

* Two slaves should have none of them but add a different default gw

I managed quite easily to get the master workflow running with ordering 
constraints but I don't understand how I should move forward with the 
slave configuration.

I think I must create a promotable resource first then assign my other 
resources with started/stopped  setting depending on the promote status 
of the node. Is that correct ? How to create a promotable "placeholder" 
where I can later attach my existing resources ?

Sorry for the stupid question but I really don't understand what type of 
elements I should create...

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Adam.

PS: Bonus question should I use "pcs" or "crm" ? It seems both command 
seem to be equivalent and documentations use sometime one or another

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