[ClusterLabs] Is it possible to downgrade feature-set in 2.1.6-8

vitaly vitaly at unitc.com
Thu Feb 22 08:05:56 EST 2024

We have a product with 2 node clusters.
Our current version is using Pacemaker 2.1.4 the new version will be using Pacemaker 2.1.6
During upgrade failure it is possible that one node will come up with the new Pacemaker and work alone for a while.
Then old node would later come up and try to join the cluster.
This would fail due to the different feature-sets of the cluster nodes. The older feature-set would not be able to join the newer feature-set.
Is is possible to force new node with Pacemaker 2.1.6 to use older feature-set (3.15.0) for a while until second node is upgraded and is able to work with Pacemaker 2.1.6?
Thank you very much!
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