[ClusterLabs] resource-agents and VMs

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 06:36:21 EST 2023

On Fri, Dec 15, 2023 at 2:23 PM lejeczek via Users
<users at clusterlabs.org> wrote:
> Hi guys.
> my resources-agents depend like so:
> resource-agents-deps.target
> ○ ├─00\\x2dVMsy.mount
> ● └─virt-guest-shutdown.target

If this is output of "systemctl list-depenedncies" - it has a lot of
flags that completely reverse the meaning of the output.

> when I reboot a node VMs seems to migrated off it live a ok, but..
> when node comes back on after a reboot, VMs fail to migrate back to it, live.
> I see on such node
> -> $ journalctl -lf -o cat -u virtqemud.service
> Starting Virtualization qemu daemon...
> Started Virtualization qemu daemon.
> libvirt version: 9.5.0, package: 6.el9 (builder at centos.org, 2023-08-25-08:53:56, )
> hostname: dzien.mine.priv
> Path '/00-VMsy/enc.podnode3.qcow2' is not accessible: No such file or directory
> and I wonder if it's indeed the fact the the _path_ is absent at the moment cluster just after node start, tries to migrate VM resource...

Isn't the message pretty obvious?

> Is it possible to somehow - seemingly my _resource-agents-deps.target_ does not do - assure that cluster, perhaps on per-resource basis, will wait/check a path first?
> BTW, that paths is available and is made sure is available to the system, it's a glusterfs mount.

It is available when you check it. It does not mean it was also
available when something tried to access it before.

The above output shows your mount unit as inactive. It is not enough
to order some unit after another unit - something also has to trigger
activation of this another unit.

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