[ClusterLabs] Does pacemaker support to receive the event of VIP changes?

Qing Feng Hao haoqf at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Apr 13 22:20:43 EDT 2023

Hi Everyone,

I have setup a HA cluster with pacemaker, and want to so some special 
handling when VIP (virtualip) changes. VIP is the virtual ip resource 
created by pcs like "* virtualip   (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2):        
Started <node ip>"

But I didn't find it in ClusterMon 
this only mentions the fence event.  I also checked 

|<parameter name="extra_options"> <longdesc lang="en"> Additional 
options to pass to crm_mon. Eg. -n -r </longdesc> <shortdesc 
lang="en">Extra options</shortdesc> <content type="string" default="" /> 
</parameter> |

Does anyone know if pacemaker support this kind of event notification 
and how to subscribe? Thanks a lot.

Best regards

QingFeng Hao

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