[ClusterLabs] Location not working [FIXED]

Miro Igov miro.igov at pharmya.com
Tue Apr 11 14:42:03 EDT 2023

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<html><body><div dir=3D"auto">It does not matter if ip resource starts on n=
ode without nginx_active. It is equal situation as if the ip is stopped.</d=
iv><div dir=3D"auto">The public ip forwards to the virtual ip and if there =
is no nginix on the node running it will be same as if virtual ip is not ru=
nning.</div><div id=3D"ms-outlook-mobile-signature" dir=3D"auto"><div id=3D=
"mail-editor-reference-message-container" dir=3D"auto"><br><hr style=3D"dis=
play:inline-block;width:98%" tabindex=3D"-1"><div id=3D"divRplyFwdMsg" styl=
e=3D"font-size: 11pt;"><strong>From:</strong> Users <users-bounces at clust=
erlabs.org> on behalf of Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com><br><str=
ong>Sent:</strong> Tuesday, April 11, 2023, 18:27<br><strong>To:</strong> C=
luster Labs - All topics related to open-source clustering welcomed <use=
rs at clusterlabs.org><br><strong>Subject:</strong> Re: [ClusterLabs] Locat=
ion not working [FIXED]<br></div><br>On Tue, 2023-04-11 at 17:31 +0300, Mir=
o Igov wrote:<br>> I fixed the issue by changing location definition fro=
m:<br>>  <br>> location intranet-ip_on_any_nginx intranet-ip \<br>&gt=
;         rule -inf: opa-nginx_1_active eq 0 \<br>>         rule -inf: o=
pa-nginx_2_active eq 0<br>>  <br>> To:<br>>  <br>> location int=
ranet-ip_on_any_nginx intranet-ip \<br>>         rule opa-nginx_1_active=
 eq 1 \<br>>            rule opa-nginx_2_active eq 1<br>>  <br>> N=
ow it works fine and shows the constraint with: crm res constraint<br>> =
intranet-ip<br><br>Ah, I suspect the issue was that the original constraint=
 compared only<br>against 0, when initially (before the resources ever star=
t) the<br>attribute is undefined.<br><br>Note that your new constraint says=
 that the IP *prefers* to run where<br>the attribute is 1, but if there are=
 no nodes with the attribute set to<br>1, it can still start somewhere. On =
the other hand, bans are mandatory,<br>so you may want to go back to that a=
nd just specify it as "ne 1".<br><br>>  <br>>  <br>>  <br>> Fro=
m: Users <users-bounces at clusterlabs.org> On Behalf Of Miro Igov<br>&g=
t; Sent: 10 April 2023 14:19<br>> To: users at clusterlabs.org<br>> Subj=
ect: [ClusterLabs] Location not working<br>>  <br>> Hello,<br>> I =
have a resource with location constraint set to:<br>>  <br>> location=
 intranet-ip_on_any_nginx intranet-ip \<br>>         rule -inf: opa-ngin=
x_1_active eq 0 \<br>>         rule -inf: opa-nginx_2_active eq 0<br>&gt=
;  <br>> In syslog I see the attribute transition:<br>> Apr 10 12:11:=
02 intranet-test2 pacemaker-attrd[1511]:  notice:<br>> Setting opa-nginx=
_1_active[intranet-test1]: 1 -> 0<br>>  <br>> Current cluster stat=
us is :<br>>  <br>> Node List:<br>>   * Online: [ intranet-test1 i=
ntranet-test2 nas-sync-test1 nas-sync-<br>> test2 ]<br>>  <br>> * =
stonith-sbd (stonith:external/sbd):  Started intranet-test2<br>>   * adm=
in-ip    (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2):        Started nas-sync-<br>> test2<b=
r>>   * cron_symlink        (ocf::heartbeat:symlink):        Started<br>=
> intranet-test1<br>>   * intranet-ip (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2):      =
  Started intranet-<br>> test1<br>>   * mysql_1     (systemd:mariadb@=
intranet-test1):        Started<br>> intranet-test1<br>>   * mysql_2 =
    (systemd:mariadb at intranet-test2):        Started<br>> intranet-test2=
<br>>   * nginx_1     (systemd:nginx at intranet-test1):  Stopped<br>>  =
 * nginx_1_active      (ocf::pacemaker:attribute):      Stopped<br>>   *=
 nginx_2     (systemd:nginx at intranet-test2):  Started intranet-<br>> tes=
t2<br>>   * nginx_2_active      (ocf::pacemaker:attribute):      Started=
<br>> intranet-test2<br>>   * php_1       (systemd:php5.6-fpm at intrane=
t-test1):     Started<br>> intranet-test1<br>>   * php_2       (syste=
md:php5.6-fpm at intranet-test2):     Started<br>> intranet-test2<br>>  =
 * data_1      (ocf::heartbeat:Filesystem):     Stopped<br>>   * data_2 =
     (ocf::heartbeat:Filesystem):     Started intranet-<br>> test2<br>&g=
t;   * nfs_export_1        (ocf::heartbeat:exportfs):       Stopped<br>>=
   * nfs_export_2        (ocf::heartbeat:exportfs):       Started nas-<br>&=
gt; sync-test2<br>>   * nfs_server_1        (systemd:nfs-server at nas-sync=
-test1):    <br>> Stopped<br>>   * nfs_server_2        (systemd:nfs-s=
erver at nas-sync-test2):    <br>> Started nas-sync-test2<br>>  <br>>=
 Failed Resource Actions:<br>>   * nfs_server_1_start_0 on nas-sync-test=
1 'error' (1): call=3D95,<br>> status=3D'complete', exitreason=3D'', las=
t-rc-change=3D'2023-04-10 12:35:12<br>> +02:00', queued=3D0ms, exec=3D20=
9ms<br>>  <br>>  <br>> Why intranet-ip is located on intranet-test=
1 while nginx_1_active is<br>> 0 ?<br>>  <br>> # crm res constrain=
t intranet-ip<br>>    <br>> cron_symlink                             =
                            <br>>         (score=3DINFINITY, id=3Dc_cron=
_symlink_on_intranet-ip)<br>> * intranet-ip<br>>   : Node nas-sync-<b=
r>> test2                                                         <br>&g=
t; (score=3D-INFINITY, id=3Dintranet-ip_loc-rule)<br>>   : Node nas-sync=
-<br>> test1                                                         <br=
>> (score=3D-INFINITY, id=3Dintranet-ip_loc-rule)<br>>  <br>> Why =
no constraint entry for intranet-ip_on_any_nginx location ?<br>>  <br>&g=
t;  <br>>  <br>> <br>>  This message has been sent as a part of di=
scussion between PHARMYA<br>> and the addressee whose name is specified =
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