[ClusterLabs] gfs2-utils 3.5.1 released

Andrew Price anprice at redhat.com
Tue Apr 11 13:12:07 EDT 2023

gfs2-utils contains the tools needed to create, check, modify and 
inspect gfs2 filesystems along with support scripts needed on every gfs2 
cluster node.

This minor release includes fixes for a small number of issues 
discovered in 3.5.0, including test failures that occur on 32-bit 
architectures and when compiling with specific gcc versions with 
link-time optimization enabled.

The full git shortlog is below.

Release tarballs and signed checksums can be found here:


Direct link for convenience:


Please report bugs to the cluster-devel at redhat.com mailing list or at:


Patches or pull requests can be sent to the same list or submitted on 



gfs2-utils changes since 3.5.0:

Andrew Price (9):
       Update version for development
       gfs2_edit: Fix savemeta test failures in 32-bit environments
       gfs2_jadd: Fix format string warnings on 32-bit
       libgfs2: Fix strict-aliasing warning in lgfs2_rgrp_bitbuf_alloc
       gfs2_convert: Clean up strict-aliasing warnings
       Re-enable -Wstrict-aliasing
       libgfs2: Separate gfs and gfs2 code in lgfs2_sb_out()
       Don't use char arrays as temporary buffers
       Prepare for version 3.5.1

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