[ClusterLabs] Lost access with the volume while ZFS and other resources migrate to other node (reset VM)

Александр gitarist_93 at list.ru
Wed Apr 5 00:17:24 EDT 2023

What is this agent? For iscsitarget, I only found portblock RA, in the linstor manual. Can you share the agent and setup instructions? 
>Среда, 5 апреля 2023, 6:09 +10:00 от Vladislav Bogdanov <bubble at hoster-ok.com>:
>I know that uscsi initiators are very sensible to connection drops. That's why in all my setups with iscsi I use a special m/s resource agent which in a slave mode drops all packets to/from portals. That prevents initiators from receiving FIN packets from the target when it migrates, and they usually behave much better. I can share that RA and setup instructions if that is interesting to someone. 
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