[ClusterLabs] Question regarding the security of corosync

Mario Freytag m.freytag at webinc.eu
Fri Jun 17 05:39:14 EDT 2022

Dear sirs, or madams,

I’d like to ask about the security of corosync. We’re using a Proxmox HA setup in our testing environment and need to confirm it’s compliance with PCI guidelines.

We have a few questions:

Is the communication encrypted?
What method of encryption is used?
What method of authentication is used?
What is the recommended way of separation for the corosync network? VLAN?

Best regards

Mario Freytag
Systemadministrator | WEBINC GmbH & Co. KG

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Amtsgericht Wiesbaden | HRA 9610 | Geschäftsführung: Marina Maurer, Monika Brandes

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