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Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Tue Jan 18 02:47:36 EST 2022


thank you for those insights!


>>> Chris Lumens <clumens at redhat.com> schrieb am 17.01.2022 um 15:52 in
<YeWCoqquQ/vcHfMK at spire>:
>> I think the use case is where senior admins can do what you're talking
>>about, but less‑experienced admins need to run cluster commands
> Having previously worked on a project that had translations, maybe my
> experiences will be useful.
> First, pacemaker does a lot of things with strings that would have to be
> changed to make it translatable.  Every non‑logging use of
> pcmk__plural_s would have to be gotten rid of.  Anywhere that we built
> up a string from pieces (like with g_string_append) would have to be
> changed to do it all at once.  Otherwise, translators are not going to
> have the context to know what they are translating.
> If we wanted to be really professional, the second thing we would need
> to do would be build into our release schedule a string freeze, which is
> a date after which no translatable strings can be modified by the
> developers.  This gives the translators time to catch up and have things
> finished before release.
> Third, we would need to ensure that our release workflow involved
> pulling those translated strings from wherever.  We'd want to add that
> to our docs, etc.  This isn't big, it's just something we'd need to
> remember to do.
> Fourth, keeping translators is hard.  It's tough work because developers
> are always changing strings, and pacemaker is a big project with lots of
> user‑visible stuff.  I worry that our translation percentage would
> always be pretty low.  I know in the past Fedora (and RH?) had people
> that just did translations, but I don't know about that anymore.
> Fifth, if we really wanted to get crazy with it, we need to consider
> that some languages read right to left, some languages have letters
> besides upper and lower case, and some languages have characters that
> aren't just a single char.  All of these would come up somehow.
> This isn't to say it isn't worth it.  If I weren't an English speaker,
> I'd want software to use my native language.  It's just tough to do and
> keep up with in a moving project.
> ‑ Chris
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