[ClusterLabs] VirtualDomain - unable to migrate

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Tue Jan 4 10:19:36 EST 2022

On Wed, 2021-12-29 at 17:28 +0000, lejeczek via Users wrote:
> Hi guys
> I'm having problems with cluster on new CentOS Stream 9 and 
> I'd be glad if you can share your thoughts.
> -> $ pcs resource move c8kubermaster2 swir
> Location constraint to move resource 'c8kubermaster2' has 
> been created
> Waiting for the cluster to apply configuration changes...
> Location constraint created to move resource 
> 'c8kubermaster2' has been removed
> Waiting for the cluster to apply configuration changes...
> Error: resource 'c8kubermaster2' is running on node 'whale'
> Error: Errors have occurred, therefore pcs is unable to continue

pcs on CS9 moves the resource as normal, then runs a simulation to see
what would happen if it removed the move-related constraint. If nothing
would change (e.g. stickiness will keep the resource where it is), then
it goes ahead and removes the constraint.

I'm not sure what the error messages mean for that new approach. The
pcs devs may be able to chime in.

As a workaround, you can use crm_resource --move, which always leaves
the constraint there.

> Not much in pacemaker logs, perhaps nothing at all.
> VM does migrate with 'virsh' just fine.
> -> $ pcs resource config c8kubermaster1
>   Resource: c8kubermaster1 (class=ocf provider=heartbeat 
> type=VirtualDomain)
>    Attributes: 
> config=/var/lib/pacemaker/conf.d/c8kubermaster1.xml 
> hypervisor=qemu:///system migration_transport=ssh
>    Meta Attrs: allow-migrate=true failure-timeout=30s
>    Operations: migrate_from interval=0s timeout=90s 
> (c8kubermaster1-migrate_from-interval-0s)
>                migrate_to interval=0s timeout=90s 
> (c8kubermaster1-migrate_to-interval-0s)
>                monitor interval=30s 
> (c8kubermaster1-monitor-interval-30s)
>                start interval=0s timeout=60s 
> (c8kubermaster1-start-interval-0s)
>                stop interval=0s timeout=60s 
> (c8kubermaster1-stop-interval-0s)
> Any and all suggestions & thoughts are much appreciated.
> many thanks, L

Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com>

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