[ClusterLabs] Cluster Removing VIP and Not Following Order Constraint

Jonno jstk888 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 14:43:35 EST 2022


I am having some trouble getting my 2 node active/passive cluster to do
what I want. More specifically, my cluster is removing the VIP from the
cluster whenever I attempt a failover with a command such as "crm resource
move rsc_cluster_vip node2".

When running the command above, I am asking the cluster to migrate the VIP
to the standby node, but I am expecting the cluster to honour the order
constraint, by first running the script resource named "rsc_lsb_quiesce".
The order constraint looks like:

"order order_ABC rsc_lsb_quiesce rsc_cluster_vip msl_ABC:promote

But it doesn't seem to do what I expect. It always removes the VIP entirely
from the cluster first, then it starts to follow the order constraint. This
means my cluster is in a state where the VIP is completely gone for a
couple of minutes. I've also tried doing a "crm resource move rsc_lsb_quiesce
node2" hoping to trigger the script resource first, but the cluster always
removes the VIP before doing anything.

My question is: How can I make the cluster follow this order constraint? I
need the cluster to run the "rsc_lsb_quiesce" script against a remote
application server before any other action is taken. I especially need the
VIP to stay where it is. Should I be doing this another way?

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