[ClusterLabs] 8 node cluster

M N S H SNGHL singhal.maneesh at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 13:37:33 EDT 2021

Hello Team,

I am looking for some suggestions here. I have created an 8 node HA cluster
on my SuSE hosts.
Have configured certain group resources on it, which mostly run on a single

Everything works fine, but I am at a fix for certain requirements -

1) The resources should work fine even if 7 nodes go down, which means
surviving node should still be running the resources.
I did set "last_man_standing (and last_man_standing_window) option, with
ATB .. but it didn't really work or didn't dynamically reduce the expected
2) Another requirement is - If all nodes in the cluster go down, and just
one (anyone) comes back up, it should pick up the resources and should run

I tried setting ignore-quorum-policy to ignore, and which worked most of
the time... (yet to find the case where it doesn't work).. but I am
suspecting, wouldn't this setting cause split-brain in some cases?

Experts, please advise.

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