[ClusterLabs] Cluster Stopped, No Messages?

Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Fri May 28 18:21:14 EDT 2021

I agree -> fencing is mandatory.
You can enable the debug logs by editing corosync.conf or /etc/sysconfig/pacemaker.
In case simple reload doesn't work, you can set the cluster in global maintenance, stop and then start the stack.

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>> Shared storage is not what triggers the need for fencing. Coordinating actions
>> is what triggers the need. Specifically; If you can run resource on both/all
>> nodes at the same time, you don't need HA. If you can't, you need fencing.
>> Digimer
> Thanks. That said, there is no fencing, so any thoughts on why the node behaved the way it did?

Without fencing, when a communication or membership issues arises, it's
hard to predict what will happen.

I don't see anything in the short log snippet to indicate what happened.
What's on the other node during the event? When did the node disappear
and when was it rejoined, to help find relevant log entries?

Going forward, if you want predictable and reliable operation, implement
fencing asap. Fencing is required.

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