[ClusterLabs] DRBD + VDO HowTo?

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Tue May 18 11:59:20 EDT 2021

> > Here are the constraints...
> >
> > [root at ha09a ~]# pcs constraint --full
> > Location Constraints:
> > Ordering Constraints:
> >   promote p_drbd0-clone then start p_vdo0 (kind:Mandatory) (id:order-
> p_drbd0-clone-p_vdo0-mandatory)
> >   promote p_drbd1-clone then start p_vdo1 (kind:Mandatory) (id:order-
> p_drbd1-clone-p_vdo1-mandatory)
> >   start p_vdo0 then start p_fs_clust08 (kind:Mandatory) (id:order-p_vdo0-
> p_fs_clust08-mandatory)
> >   start p_vdo1 then start p_fs_clust09 (kind:Mandatory) (id:order-p_vdo1-
> p_fs_clust09-mandatory)
> > Colocation Constraints:
> >   p_vdo0 with p_drbd0-clone (score:INFINITY) (id:colocation-p_vdo0-
> p_drbd0-clone-INFINITY)
> >   p_vdo1 with p_drbd1-clone (score:INFINITY) (id:colocation-p_vdo1-
> p_drbd1-clone-INFINITY)
> This is wrong. It says vdo can be active on every node where a clone
> instance is active. You need colocation with master.

I thought the Master constraint was implied by the word "promote." In other words, "promote the clone, then start the vdo device." I removed the vdo constraints and re-added them with with-rsc-role=Master, and that problem appears to be fixed! I am still getting occasional resource failures due to RA timeouts, so I will look into that next. Thanks for looking into this.


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