[ClusterLabs] Sub-clusters / super-clusters?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at ha.open.source.it
Mon May 10 08:32:31 EDT 2021


I'm using corosync 3.0.1 and pacemaker 2.0.1, currently in the following way:

I have two separate clusters of three machines each, one in a data centre in 
city A, and one in a data centre in city B.

Several of the resources being managed by these clusters are based on floating 
IP addresses, which are tied to the data centre, therefore the resources in 
city A can run on any of the three machines there (alfa, bravo and charlie), 
but cannot run on any machine in city B (delta, echo and foxtrot).

I now have a need to create a couple of additional resources which can operate 
from anywhere, so I'm wondering if there is a way to configure corosync / 
pacemaker so that:

Machines alfa, bravo, charlie live in city A and manage resources X, Y and Z 
between them.

Machines delta, echo and foxtrot live in city B and manage resources U, V and 
W between them.

All of alpha to foxtrot are also in a "super-cluster" managing resources P and 
Q, so these two can be running on any of the 6 machines.

I hope the question is clear.  Is there an answer :) ?



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