[ClusterLabs] Resolving cart before the horse with mounted filesystems.

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at aptalaska.net
Tue May 4 11:43:28 EDT 2021

On 5/3/21 7:19 AM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
> This was already asked for the same reason. No, there is not. The goal
> of monitor is to find out whether resource is active or not. If
> prerequisite resources are not there, resource cannot be active.
>> Is there a way to have a delayed start?
>> At the end of the day, the way VirtualDomain works has been very
>> troublesome for me.  The second that the config file isn't available
>> pacemaker thinks that the domain is down and starts kicking the stool
>> from under things, even if the domain is running just fine. It seems to
> You misunderstand what happens. Probes check whether specific resource
> is running on specific node (which allows pacemaker to skip resource
> start if it already active, e.g. after pacemaker service was restarted).
> Then pacemaker recomputes resource distribution. It does it every time
> something changed. So when node2 came back and pacemaker reevaluated
> resource placement node2 became preferred choice. The choice is
> preferred because "crm resource move vm-testvm node2" creates constraint
> that tells exactly that - resource vm-testvm MUST run on node2 if node2
> is available to run resources.
> Pacemaker did exactly what you told it to do.
> See "crm resource clear" for the way to remove such constraints.

Thanks for the help, I found the issue.  The problem was a boot order 
thing.  I was starting libvirt after the cluster, so the VM resetting on 
unfencing wasn't because of the monitor, it was because it tried to 
migrate, found that it couldn't, failed, then stopped the resource and 
tried again, but the second time libvirt was up, so it worked.

I have another question:

How do I access to resource 'reload' action on my custom resource using 

I don't see a 'crm resource reload' and it appears that a restart causes 
all of the resources that depend on it to stop/start.  My resource does 
have a reload action and the 'crm ra info' shows the action, I just 
can't seem to call it.


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