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Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Wed Jun 2 09:59:39 EDT 2021

>>> Nathan Mazarelo <mazarelo_nathan at yahoo.com> schrieb am 02.06.2021 um 15:12 in
Nachricht <1283884976.2711546.1622639579033 at mail.yahoo.com>:
> Is there a way to have pacemaker resource groups failover if all floating IP 
> resources are unavailable?
> I want to have multiple floating IPs in a resource group that will only 
> failover if all IPs cannot work. Each floating IP is on a different subnet 
> and can be used by the application I have. If a floating IP is unavailable it 
> will use the next available floating IP.

So your application can run on a different node than your floating IP?

> Resource Group: floating_IP
> floating-IP
> floating-IP2
> floating-IP3      

You know if floating-IP fails, the whole group will be restarted?

> For example, right now if a floating-IP resource fails the whole resource 
> group will failover to a different node. What I want is to have pacemaker 
> failover the resource group only if all three resources are unavailable. Is 
> this possible?

I wonder how your scenario looks like.

You could have a dummy-resource that depends on any floating IP, and then your resource group could be colocated with the dummy resource.

> Thanks,Nathan
>    -    

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