[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker alerts log duplication.

Amol Shinde amol.shinde at seagate.com
Thu Jul 8 02:58:59 EDT 2021

Hello everyone!!!
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I need some help regarding pacemaker alerts. I have a 36-node cluster setup with some IP and dummy resources. I have also deployed an alert script for the cluster that monitors the node and resources and generates alerts on events occurrence. The alert script is present on all nodes and sends the captured alert to a Web-UI using a message bus. So, for example, when a node goes offline pacemaker triggers the alert agent script on other nodes in the cluster and logs the event as "Node is lost". This message is then sent to the message bus by the script.

The problem is that since the alert is triggered on every node the agent script sends multiple duplicate log messages to the message bus. Multiple duplicate log messages from all the live nodes are reported to the Web-UI thus clogging up the interface and making parsing through it difficult and ruining the user experience.

Is there any way in the pacemaker itself through which when an event occurs the pacemaker calls the agent on any one node and logs the message rather than calling the agent on all live nodes within the cluster? For example, when a node goes offline, the agent is triggered on any one of the live nodes on the cluster thus generating one log, rather than generating multiple duplicate logs for the same event.

Thank you.

Amol Shinde

Seagate Internal
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