[ClusterLabs] Problem with systemd socket service (start fails when running already)

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 12:36:08 EST 2021

29.01.2021 14:19, Ulrich Windl пишет:
> Hi!
> I'm having an odd failure using a systemd socket unit controlled by the cluster.

Why do you need socket unit to be controller by cluster in the first
place? The whole point of socket unit is to auto-start services on
access and that defeats purpose of HA manager which controls services.

> (Personally I feel: "cluster and systemd: One resource controller too much". But when you need to control a systemd unit...)
> When the unit is active already, a start peration fails:
> Jan 29 12:12:46 h16 pacemaker-execd[7464]:  notice: executing - rsc:prm_libvirtd-tls-sock action:start call_id:198
> Jan 29 12:12:46 h16 systemd[1]: Reloading.
> Jan 29 12:12:47 h16 systemd[1]: libvirtd-tls.socket: Socket service libvirtd.service already active, refusing.

I think message is pretty clear. If libvirtd.service is under pacemaker
control, there is absolutely no need to have matching .socket unit at
all. If libvirtd.service is not under pacemaker control, you get
expected results - service is started outside of pacemaker and pacemaker

> Jan 29 12:12:47 h16 systemd[1]: Failed to listen on Libvirt TLS IP socket.
> Jan 29 12:12:49 h16 pacemaker-controld[7467]:  notice: Transition 313 aborted by operation prm_libvirtd-tls-sock_start_0 'modify' on h19: Event failed
> Jan 29 12:12:49 h16 pacemaker-controld[7467]:  notice: Transition 313 action 81 (prm_libvirtd-tls-sock_start_0 on h19): expected 'ok' but got 'error'
> Jan 29 12:12:49 h16 pacemaker-attrd[7465]:  notice: Setting fail-count-prm_libvirtd-tls-sock#start_0[h19]: (unset) -> INFINITY
> Is there an easy fix other than a software upgrade?

Yes, fix your configuration.

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