[ClusterLabs] CCIB migration from Pacemaker 1.x to 2.x

Sharma, Jaikumar jaikumar-sharma at outlook.com
Sat Jan 23 11:10:27 EST 2021

Hi guys,

I'm newbie to high availability clusters, pls excuse me - learning tools stack (corosync & pacemaker).

In fact, our high availability solution is based on Debian 9.x (pacemaker 1.x and corosync 2.x) - which worked as expected.

This  cluster application uses postgresql 9.6 and Wildfly 10.x

I've tried to migrate this solution to Debian 10 (pacemaker 2.x & corosync 3.x), but unfortunately we have got hiccups (described below).

Debian 10 based cluster using Postgresql 11 & Wildfly (10.x) and we have got data sync issues between two nodes.
If I reboot master node after it comes back it joins the cluster in a usual way and databases of both nodes are immediately gets in sync (As many times I do, it works as expected).

But if plug out the network cable of the master node then other node becomes master and application is operable and as soon as I plugin in the network cable back to the master node then database sync issues occur.

Have tried to find the reason but no success so far...
Attached is my template.cib .

Would appreciate any pointers as what may be the reason behind this!

Thank you in advance!

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