[ClusterLabs] VirtualDomain - unable to migrate

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 29 12:28:21 EST 2021

Hi guys

I'm having problems with cluster on new CentOS Stream 9 and 
I'd be glad if you can share your thoughts.

-> $ pcs resource move c8kubermaster2 swir
Location constraint to move resource 'c8kubermaster2' has 
been created
Waiting for the cluster to apply configuration changes...
Location constraint created to move resource 
'c8kubermaster2' has been removed
Waiting for the cluster to apply configuration changes...
Error: resource 'c8kubermaster2' is running on node 'whale'
Error: Errors have occurred, therefore pcs is unable to continue

Not much in pacemaker logs, perhaps nothing at all.
VM does migrate with 'virsh' just fine.

-> $ pcs resource config c8kubermaster1
  Resource: c8kubermaster1 (class=ocf provider=heartbeat 
hypervisor=qemu:///system migration_transport=ssh
   Meta Attrs: allow-migrate=true failure-timeout=30s
   Operations: migrate_from interval=0s timeout=90s 
               migrate_to interval=0s timeout=90s 
               monitor interval=30s 
               start interval=0s timeout=60s 
               stop interval=0s timeout=60s 

Any and all suggestions & thoughts are much appreciated.
many thanks, L

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