[ClusterLabs] no systemd - ?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at ha.open.source.it
Sat Dec 18 11:02:54 EST 2021

On Saturday 18 December 2021 at 16:46:55, lejeczek via Users wrote:

> hi guys
> I've always been RHE/Fedora user and memories of times before 'systemd'
> almost completely vacated my brain - nowadays, is it possible to have HA
> without systemd would you know and if so, then how would that work?

It definitely works, but I rather doubt you can do this under RHEL/Fedora (RH 
being the primary developers of systemd).

I have been using https://www.devuan.org/ very happily for ~4 years, together 
with corosync / pacemaker.

There might be RPM-based distros which exclude systemd, but RPM was never my 
personal preference, so I can't point you in that direction :(

However, there's absolutely no requirement to be using systemd in order to 
enjoy corosync & pacemaker :)


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