[ClusterLabs] kronosnet v1.22 released

Fabio M. Di Nitto fabbione at fabbione.net
Mon Aug 30 04:15:55 EDT 2021


We are pleased to announce the general availability of kronosnet v1.22.

*** This release includes several MAJOR bug fixes and we strongly 
encourage everyone to update as soon as possible ***

kronosnet (or knet for short) is the new underlying network protocol for 
Linux HA components (corosync), that features the ability to use 
multiple links between nodes, active/active and active/passive link 
failover policies, automatic link recovery, FIPS compliant encryption 
(nss and/or openssl), automatic PMTUd and in general better performance 
compared to the old network protocol.

Highlights in this release:

* Fix incorrect defrag buffer index that can cause knet to stop
   processing all traffic under some extreme network conditions (random
* Increase defrag buffer size to better deal with extreme network
   conditions as above.
* Do not leak resources if link configuration fails
* Major rework of ACL code to match API vs implementation.
* Detect incorrect link configuration when mixing static and dynamic
* Fix knet_send_sync API to require a destination filter
* Fix knet sockaddr_storage size across the board to deal with newly
   introduced checks on FreeBSD
* Minor docs updates
* Major internal test suite fixes

Known issues in this release:

* Preparation for this release spotted a long standing issue with SCTP
   transport used in combination with dynamic links. This specific issue
   has been in the code since SCTP has been introduced. It will be
   addressed in one of the upcoming releases. The problem does NOT affect
   the corosync / High Availability use case.

The source tarballs can be downloaded here:


Upstream resources and contacts:

https://trello.com/kronosnet (TODO list and activities tracking)
https://goo.gl/9ZvkLS (google shared drive with presentations and diagrams)
IRC: #kronosnet on Freenode

The knet developer team

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