[ClusterLabs] resource-agents v4.9.0

Oyvind Albrigtsen oalbrigt at redhat.com
Thu Aug 19 03:51:43 EDT 2021

ClusterLabs is happy to announce resource-agents v4.9.0.

Source code is available at:

The most significant enhancements in this release are:
- new resource agents:
  - gcp-ilb
  - nvmet-subsystem/nvmet-namespace/nvmet-port
  - openstack-virtual-ip
  - smb-share
  - storage-mon

- bugfixes and enhancements:
  - CTDB: replace timeout override with ctdb_timeout parameter (#1661)
  - Filesystem: do not call partprobe for bind mounts
  - LVM-activate: disable VG autoactivation in system_id access_mode
  - LVM-activate: fix drop-in check to avoid re-creating drop-in file when it already exists
  - SAPInstance: Fix for issue #1680 - SAPInstance fails to detect systemd integration (#1681)
  - SAPInstance: add systemd compatability (#1662)
  - VirtualDomain: add code to set the host_memory value for Utilization (#1649)
  - VirtualDomain: add start_resources parameter that ensures needed virtual
    storage pools and networks are up and refreshed when enabled
  - VirtualDomain: drop prefix xenmigr from migrate uri
  - azure-events: update api_version
  - build: fix out-of-tree build for man pages
  - configure: add /usr/local/share to fallback path to be scanned for docbook path
  - configure: test for json and remove hardcoded #! in openstack-info
  - db2: add PRIMARY/REMOTE_CATCHUP_PENDING/CONNECTED status to promote-check
  - dummy: add missing action to dummy_usage function
  - findif: popen requires pclose and not fclose (#1664)
  - gcp-vpc-move-route: add serviceaccount JSON file support
  - gcp-vpc-move-vip.in: add retry to avoid failing on first failed request
  - gcp-vpc-move-vip: add serviceaccount JSON file support
  - iSCSILogicalUnit: lio-t: support setting product_id
  - lvmlockd: remove cmirrord support as it's incompatible with lvmlockd
  - mdraid: add option description for OCF_CHECK_LEVEL
  - mysql: add support for local SSL connection (#1682)
  - ocf-shellfuncs: Remove a bashism in
  - openstack-cinder-volume: CLI output parsing fixes, fetch of node ID consistency, monitor action simplification, and return error when validate fails
  - openstack-floating-ip: return error when validate fails and small log message fixes.
  - openstack-info: run validate in start action. (#1639)
  - openstack-info: updates due to API output format changes and attempt to future-proof parsing of the output.
  - podman: workaround race during container creation
  - spec: remove chkconfig dependency for Fedora < 34

The full list of changes for resource-agents is available at:

Everyone is encouraged to download and test the new release.
We do many regression tests and simulations, but we can't cover all
possible use cases, so your feedback is important and appreciated.

Many thanks to all the contributors to this release.

The resource-agents maintainers

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