[ClusterLabs] Question about ping nodes

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 09:41:24 EDT 2021

On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 8:20 PM Andrei Borzenkov <arvidjaar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Although I guess the same can be achieved by using positive score.
> Instead of banning node without connectivity just prefer node with
> connectivity. It sounds more simple.

And is even documented on pacemaker explained ... with quite elegant solution.

Alternatively, you can tell the cluster only to prefer nodes with the
best connectivity. Just be sure to set
multiplier to a value higher than that of resource-stickiness (and
don’t set either of them

Example 9.5. Prefer the node with the most connected ping nodes
<rsc_location id="WebServer-connectivity" rsc="Webserver">
  <rule id="ping-prefer-rule" score-attribute="pingd" >
    <expression id="ping-prefer" attribute="pingd" operation="defined"/>

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