[ClusterLabs] PAF resource agent & stickiness - ?

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 10 08:22:34 EDT 2021

Hi guys.

Any users perhaps experts on PAF agent if happen to read 
this - a question - with pretty regular 3-node cluster when 
node on which "master" runs goes down then cluster/agent 
successfully moves 'master' to a next node. but..
When node which held master, which was off/down, comes back 
up then master/agent reshuffles PAF resources again and 
moves 'master' back that last 'master' node and...
slapping a 'stickiness' on the resource does not seem to 
have any affect, cluster/agent still persists on moving 
'master' to that same node.

Would anybody know if that is expected with PAF or something 
is misbehaving here?
many thanks, L.

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