[ClusterLabs] Antw: [EXT] How to stop removed resources when replacing cib.xml via cibadmin or crm_shadow

Igor Tverdovskiy igor.tverdovskiy.pe at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 05:47:03 EDT 2020


> > I have generated proper XML according to predefined templates and apply
> it
> > via
> >> cibadmin --replace --xml-file cib.xml
> I think before doing such a thing you should put all nodes into standby,
> or stop all resources.
> In the past it had been a bad idea to delete running resources or trying
> to rename such.
> When replacing the CIB you probably do such things.
> What are your specific reasons to replace the CIB?

Well if I could stop all resources beforehand it wouldn't be a problem :)
In general I don't see any drawbacks except not proper shutting down of the
removed resources.

The reason is that I need to configure a number of resources
simultaneously and do it fast without freezing for ages because of
"--wait" option and transitions races. Working with XML way better for

But still, is there way to replace XML in a clean way? Maybe some statuses
should be added to a new XML, etc?
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