[ClusterLabs] Q: LVM-activate: "WARNING: You are recommended to activate one LV at a time or use exclusive activation mode."

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 13:23:45 EST 2020

30.11.2020 15:36, Ulrich Windl пишет:
> Hi!
> I configured a shared LVM activation as per instructions (I hope) in SLES15 SP2. However I get this warning:
> LVM-activate(prm_testVG_activate)[57281]: WARNING: You are recommended to activate one LV at a time or use exclusive activation mode.
> The configuration is:
> primitive prm_testVG_activate LVM-activate \
>         params vgname=testVG vg_access_mode=lvmlockd activation_mode=shared ...
> And I cloned the primitive. So whare is the problem?

The comments in RA say

        # We recommend to activate one LV at a time so that this
specific volume
        # binds to a proper filesystem to protect the data

I have no idea what "binds to a proper filesystem" is supposed to mean.
My best guess is that it's trying to describe dependency between LVM
resource and filesystem resource, but in this case I also do not see how
shared and exclusive activation differ here.

GIT history does not help, resource was added initially with this warning.

> Does it mean I have to use parameter "lvname"? If so, dows it mean that step 3 of "PROCEDURE 22.4: CREATING AN LVM-ACTIVATE RESOURCE" is missing the parameter, too?
> Example given is:
> root # crm configure primitive vg1 ocf:heartbeat:LVM-activate \
> params vgname=vg1 vg_access_mode=lvmlockd activation_mode=shared \
> op start timeout=90s interval=0 \
> op stop timeout=90s interval=0 \
> op monitor interval=30s timeout=90s
> Regards,
> Ulrich
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