[ClusterLabs] "crm verify": ".. stonith-watchdog-timeout is nonzero"

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Thu Nov 26 02:31:19 EST 2020


Using SBD, I got this message from crm's top-level "verify":
crm(live/h16)# verify
Current cluster status:
Online: [ h16 h18 h19 ]

 prm_stonith_sbd        (stonith:external/sbd):  Started h18
(unpack_config)         notice: Watchdog will be used via SBD if fencing is required and stonith-watchdog-timeout is nonzero

Interestingly this message does not change even after this:
crm(live/h16)configure# property stonith-watchdog-timeout=0
crm(live/h16)configure# verify
crm(live/h16)configure# commit

So what's going on? Most notably what's the difference between configure's verify and the top-level verify?

I have this:
<nvpair name="stonith-watchdog-timeout" value="0" id="cib-bootstrap-options-stonith-watchdog-timeout"/>
in  <cluster_property_set id="cib-bootstrap-options">


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