[ClusterLabs] Containers as pcs resource

Amith Prakash amithp27 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 10:30:58 EST 2020


Hope you are doing well.

I have recently started playing with pacemaker and I had couple of

I have an already up&running container which I want to add to pacemaker as
a resource.
I also want to use the pacemaker  to enable/disable/manage/unmanage, etc.,
operations for the same container.

I tried doing it via systemd service, by writing a script to help with
management of the container. It did not work as expected.

Can pacemaker add a resource, when it's not involved in its creation? I.e.
to say, can an already running container be added as a resource (without
having to stop/start the container again)

Also, the examples around having containers as a pacemaker resource are
scarce, from my searches. Is there anything in particular I can refer, for
better clarity?

Sorry for my naiveity. Please consider me a noob here.  :)

Looking forward to your guidance.

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