[ClusterLabs] Parallel execution of resources in resource group

Kab Naj kabnaj at gmail.com
Thu May 7 12:06:32 EDT 2020


I was trying to set parallel execution of resources in resource group, but
I was not successful.
The goal was to have resources within one resource group in one location
but order of resources would rely on Ordering constraints, thus possibly
resources could run in parallel if constraints allowed it.

By default it is not the case and resources run one by one in their order
of resource group.
I found the option that is designed to be used in resource clones -
ordered - Should the copies be started in series (instead of in parallel).
Allowed values: false, true.

I tried to use this option in my resource group by setting "ordered=false"
Resources could be started in parallel then, but I encountered strange and
unpredictable behavior when some resource start was not successful.

I understand that "ordered=false" is documented to be used only in resource
clones, not in resource groups.

Do we have other option that resources within resource group would start in
parallel and rely on Ordering constraints, not their resource group order?
We have many logical resource groups, so we don't want to have resources
without being added to any resource group.


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