[ClusterLabs] Retrofit MySQL with pacemaker?

Niels Kobschätzki niels at kobschaetzki.net
Sun May 3 04:47:35 EDT 2020


I have here several master/slave-MySQL-instanced which I want to retrofit with corosync/Pacemaker while they are in production and I want to do it with minimal downtime. 
Is that even possible?

I would set up a 2-node corosync-cluster on both. Then I have the problem that there is already a virtual IP and I want to continue using it. Do I deco figure the VIP on the current active master, then configure the resource? Or is there a better way. How would I go in configuring the MySQL-resource?

Did anyone here did something like that before or do you always start with a new setup (which begs the question how do you get the data from the old to the new - dump it out or can you attach the new one to the old one somehow and then switch at a certain point?)?



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