[ClusterLabs] Bug in crm shell regarding "resource refresh" completion

Xin Liang XLiang at suse.com
Fri Mar 20 05:18:44 EDT 2020

Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for using crmsh and thank you for reporting bug!

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Subject: [ClusterLabs] Bug in crm shell regarding "resource refresh" completion


I just discovered this bug in crm shell crmsh-4.1.0+git.1578469492.493d5d62-2.19.1.noarch of SLES12 SP4:

When enetering "crm resource", I get the "crm(live/n2)resource#" prompt.
Then, tyring to complete the parameter for the refresh command, I get the list of cluster nodes.
Running such a command, I get:
Resource 'n2' not found
Error performing operation: No such device or address

This is because the refresh command expects a resource, not a node, like this:
crm(live/n2)resource# refresh prm_dnat_dns_v05_nm2
Cleaned up prm_dnat_dns_v05_nm2 on n2
Cleaned up prm_dnat_dns_v05_nm2 on n1
Waiting for 2 replies from the CRMd.. OK


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