[ClusterLabs] iSCSILogicalUnit - scsi_id and multiple clusters

Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 5 16:15:04 EST 2020

Hey Community,

I finaly got some time to report  an issue with iSCSILogicalUnit and scsi_id  ( https://github.com/ClusterLabs/resource-agents/issues/1463 ).

The  issue was observed a while ago on RHEL 7.5 and SLES 12 SP4.

Do you know if any change was made to:
A)  Either make 'scsi_id'  a mandatory option
B)  When 'scsi_id' is   not provided by the admin,  a random one is picked (permanently) 

If not, then the github issue is relevant.

Sadly, my exam (EX436) is on monday and I can't test it before that.

Best Rregards,
Strahil Nikolov

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