[ClusterLabs] Antw: [EXT] Re: clusterlabs.org upgrade done

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Thu Mar 5 12:46:16 EST 2020

On Wed, 2020-03-04 at 10:44 +0100, Valentin Vidić wrote:
> AFAICT from the reports, the mail I send to the list might not get
> delivered, perhaps this is causing the unsubscribe too:
>   <record>
>     <row>
>       <source_ip></source_ip>
>       <count>2</count>
>       <policy_evaluated>
>         <disposition>reject</disposition>
>         <dkim>fail</dkim>
>         <spf>fail</spf>
>       </policy_evaluated>
>     </row>
>     <identifiers>
>       <header_from>valentin-vidic.from.hr</header_from>
>     </identifiers>
>     <auth_results>
>       <dkim>
>         <domain>valentin-vidic.from.hr</domain>
>         <result>permerror</result>
>       </dkim>
>       <spf>
>         <domain>clusterlabs.org</domain>
>         <result>none</result>
>       </spf>
>     </auth_results>
>   </record>
> For DKIM the problem is that list modifies Subject and body so
> the signature is not valid anymore. The list would need to remove
> DKIM headers, change the From field to list address and perhaps
> add DKIM signature of its own. Another options is for the list
> to stop modifying messages:
> https://begriffs.com/posts/2018-09-18-dmarc-mailing-list.html

Hmm, not sure what the best approach is. I think some people like
having the [ClusterLabs] tag in the subject line. If anyone has
suggested config changes for mailman 2, I can take a look.

> For SPF if would be good to add SPF records into DNS for
> clusterlabs.org
> domain.

We definitely should add SPF records. That might help the "not being
delivered" issue, if mail servers are doing a "SPF or DKIM must pass"
Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com>

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