[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker crashed and produce a coredump file

lkxjtu lkxjtu at 163.com
Wed Jul 29 05:17:15 EDT 2020

Hi Reid Wahl,

Sorry, we use pacemaker in the reproduction environment, which is not easy to upgrade. Is there any way to avoid this bug?

From the source code, it is possible that the function of "dbus_message_get_args" does not get "path".  What are the possible reasons? Is it possible to modify the RA file or other configration files to avoid this problem?

> Hi,
> It looks like this is a bug that was fixed in later releases. The `path`
> variable was a null pointer when it was passed to
> `systemd_unit_exec_with_unit` as the `unit` argument. Commit 62a0d26a
> <https://github.com/ClusterLabs/pacemaker/commit/62a0d26a8f85fbcee9b56524ea3f1ae0171cbe52#diff-00b989f66499e2081134c17c06d2b359R201>
> adds a null check to the `path` variable before using it to call `systemd_unit_exec_with_unit`.
> I believe pacemaker-1.1.15-11.el7 is the first RHEL pacemaker release that
> contains the fix. Can you upgrade and see if the issue is resolved?
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