[ClusterLabs] pcs stonith fence - Error: unable to fence

Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 18 17:20:21 EST 2020

Sorry for the spam.
I figured out that I forgot to specify the domain for the 'drbd1' and thus it has reacted like that.
The strange thing is that pcs allows me to fence a node , that is not in the cluster :)

Do you think that this behaviour is a bug?
If yes, I can open an issue to the upstream

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

В неделя, 19 януари 2020 г., 00:01:11 ч. Гринуич+2, Strahil Nikolov <hunter86_bg at yahoo.com> написа: 

Hi All,

I am building a test cluster with fence_rhevm stonith agent on RHEL 7.7 and oVirt 4.3.
When I fenced drbd3 from drbd1 using 'pcs stonith fence drbd3' - the fence action was successfull.

So then I decided to test the fencing the opposite way and it partially failed.

1. in oVirt the machine was powered off and then powered on properly - so the communication with the engine is OK
2. the command on drbd3 to fence drbd1 did stuck and then reported as failiure despite the VM was reset.

Now 'pcs status' is reporting the following:
Failed Fencing Actions:
* reboot of drbd1 failed: delegate=drbd3.localdomain, client=stonith_admin.1706, origin=drbd3.localdomain,
   last-failed='Sat Jan 18 23:18:24 2020'

My stonith is configured as follows:
Stonith Devices: 
Resource: ovirt_FENCE (class=stonith type=fence_rhevm) 
 Attributes: ipaddr=engine.localdomain login=fencerdrbd at internal passwd=I_have_replaced_that pcmk_host_map=drbd1.localdomain:drbd1;drbd2.localdomain:drbd2;drbd3.localdomain:drbd
3 power_wait=3 ssl=1 ssl_secure=1 
 Operations: monitor interval=60s (ovirt_FENCE-monitor-interval-60s) 
Fencing Levels:

Do I need to add some other settings to the fence_rhevm stonith agent ?

Manually running the status command from drbd2/drbd3 is OK:

[root at drbd3 ~]# fence_rhevm -o status --ssl --ssl-secure -a engine.localdomain --username='fencerdrbd at internal'  --password=I_have_replaced_that -n drbd1 
Status: ON

I'm attaching the logs from the drbd2 (DC) and drbd3.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

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