[ClusterLabs] DRBD not failing over

Jaap Winius jwinius at umrk.nl
Wed Feb 26 09:13:10 EST 2020

Quoting "Nickle, Richard" <rnickle at holycross.edu>:

> * Switch to DRBD 9 ...
> * Build a third diskless quorum arbitration node.

Very interesting. I'm already running DRBD 9, so that base has already  
been covered, but here's some extra information: My test system  
actually consists of a single 4-node DRBD cluster that spans two data  
centers, with each data center having a 2-node Pacemaker cluster to  
fail resources over between the two DRBD nodes in that data center.  
But, for the purpose of quorum arbitration I guess these extra DRBD  
nodes don't matter, perhaps because four is not an odd number?



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