[ClusterLabs] 2 node clusters - ipmi fencing

Dan Swartzendruber dswartz at druber.com
Fri Feb 21 09:35:48 EST 2020

On 2020-02-21 08:51, Ricardo Esteves wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to understand what is the objective of the constraints to
> have the fencing devices running on opposite node or on its own node or
> running all on the same node. Can you explain the difference?

IPMI fencing involves the instance interacting with the IPMI device and 
telling it to power-cycle/reset/whatever the target node.  It waits for 
a confirmation, then tells the cluster SW the fencing operation was 
successful.  If the instance is running on the same node, it will be 
blown away when the node is reset.

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