[ClusterLabs] Ugrading Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 with corosync/pacemaker failed

Rasca rasca.gmelch at artcom.de
Wed Feb 19 11:31:19 EST 2020


we run a 2-system cluster for Samba with Ubuntu 14.04 and Samba,
Corosync and Pacemaker from the Ubuntu repos. We wanted to update
to Ubuntu 16.04 but it failed:

I checked the versions before and because of just minor updates
of corosync and pacemaker I thought it should be possible to
update node by node.

* Put srv2 into standby
* Upgraded srv2 to Ubuntu 16.04 with reboot and so on
* Added a nodelist to corosync.conf because it looked
  like corosync on srv2 didn't know the names of the
  node ids anymore

But still it does not work on srv2. srv1 (the active
server with ubuntu 14.04) ist fine. It looks like
it's an upstart/systemd issue, but may be even more.
Why does srv1 says UNCLEAN about srv2? On srv2 I see
corosync sees both systems. But srv2 says srv1 is

crm status

Last updated: Wed Feb 19 17:22:03 2020
Last change: Tue Feb 18 11:05:47 2020 via crm_attribute on srv2
Stack: corosync
Current DC: srv1 (1084766053) - partition with quorum
Version: 1.1.10-42f2063
2 Nodes configured
9 Resources configured

Node srv2 (1084766054): UNCLEAN (offline)
Online: [ srv1 ]

 Resource Group: samba_daemons
     samba-nmbd	(upstart:nmbd):	Started srv1

Last updated: Wed Feb 19 17:25:14 2020		Last change: Tue Feb 18 18:29:29
2020 by hacluster via crmd on srv2
Stack: corosync
Current DC: srv2 (version 1.1.14-70404b0) - partition with quorum
2 nodes and 9 resources configured

Node srv2: standby
OFFLINE: [ srv1 ]

Full list of resources:

 Resource Group: samba_daemons
     samba-nmbd	(upstart:nmbd):	Stopped

Failed Actions:
* samba-nmbd_monitor_0 on srv2 'not installed' (5): call=5, status=Not
installed, exitreason='none',
    last-rc-change='Wed Feb 19 14:13:20 2020', queued=0ms, exec=1ms

Any suggestions, ideas? Is the a nice HowTo for this upgrade situation?


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