[ClusterLabs] Beginner Question about VirtualDomain

Sameer Dhiman sameerdhiman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 08:40:22 EDT 2020


I am a beginner using pacemaker and corosync. I am trying to set up
a cluster of HA KVM guests as described by Alteeve wiki (CentOS-6) but in
CentOS-8.2. My R&D  setup is described below

Physical Host running CentOS-8.2 with Nested Virtualization
2 x CentOS-8.2 guest machines as Cluster Node 1 and 2.
WinXP as a HA guest.

1. drbd --> dlm --> lvmlockd --> LVM-activate --> gfs2 (guest machine
2. drbd --> dlm --> lvmlockd --> LVM-activate --> raw-lv (guest machine HDD)

1. How to prevent guest startup until gfs2 and raw-lv are available? In
CentOS-6 Alteeve used autostart=0 in the <vm > tag. Is there any similar
option in pacemaker because I did not find it in the documentation?

2. Suppose, If I configure constraint order gfs2 and raw-lv then guest
machine. Stopping the guest machine would also stop the complete service
tree so how can I prevent this?

Sameer Dhiman
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