[ClusterLabs] Integrate external alerts with pcs cluster

Ajay Srivastava ajay_srivastava at rediffmail.com
Sat Apr 11 07:04:23 EDT 2020

Hi,In my environment I have a pacemaker cluster running which has various software services as resource agents.These services have dependency on some hardware components. There is a service which monitors the hardware and sends alerts if anything is wrong with the hardware.My plan is to add a resource agent for each hardware component with proper dependencies and fail this resource agent if I get a critical alert from hardware monitoring service. Please note that I do not want to use monitor functionality of resource agent as there is a service which is already doing same thing. I have two queries here -1) Does the approach look good ? Is there a better way to implement it in pacemaker cluster ?2) I can find --fail option in crm_resource but not in pcs cli. What would be the equivalent command in pcs as I am using pcs cli to configure the cluster ?Regards,Ajay 
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